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Author: Emily-Jane Brain

On a budget of just £1,000 and carrying only the most essential of items, Ahmed battled treacherous roads, bad weather and bureaucracy as he travelled through South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe; “I will not remember the challenges I have faced as being as heart tearing as they seemed when they appeared, but simply as part of the whole experience. Who wants to drive halfway across the world without facing any challenges… Just driving? No sir, not me.”

But for every challenge, there was a reward. Ahmed describes the people and the experience of India, Pakistan and Iran particularly warmly, while picking his arrival in Istanbul and the return to his home town of Norrkoeping, Sweden as the highlights of his summer adventure. “I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone thinking about doing something similar. I have proved you can do it on a low budget without much equipment. For me not planning every single step was my greatest success, “ he explained, “I would say that anyone with some spare money in the bank and a little bit of belief can do this.”

Ahmed has already pencilled in a world record attempt and a polar expedition, but for the moment he is looking forward to getting back to his books and meeting up with friends.