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Author: Sara Gleghorn

Wemoto BC Easy 6 battery chargerIt’s also got all the same safety measures as the other BC chargers (protected against reverse polarity, overheating, overcharging, and short circuit.) and can be left charging the battery for as long as you like (most battery manufacturers recommend an equalisation charge every 30 days or so if the battery is on long-term charge to keep cells balanced, so if you want a charger that does that for you, we’d point you at its big sister, the ‘K900’)

The Easy 6 (named for the 6 charging cycles it uses) is a 12V charger and suitable for any 12V battery. It comes with permanent waterproof cable, and insulated clamps, in the box. There’s no can-bus adaptor in the box with this one but it can be ordered as an extra.

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