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Author: Alun Davies

What:  16 day off road motorcycle tour in Mongolia

When:  Saturday 3rd July – Sunday 18th July 2010.

Who with:  Great Motorcycle Tours 

How much:  2650 Euro per person twin share (non riders can join the support crew 2300 Euro) flights not included.

What’s included:  16 day motorcycle tour of western Mongolia. Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, traditional Ger tents and own 2-man tent during the ride. All meals included on tour. Tour leader and tail rider carrying Sat phone and GPS. Support vehicles carrying fuel, food, water, first aid spares and luggage.

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The bikes:  Choose from Yamaha WR250’s, WR450’s, and Kawasaki KLX250’s

Group size:  14 plus tour leaders and support vehicles

Why it’s Awesome

Let’s put it this way, riding under vast blue skies in an off road heaven with only wild camels and nomadic horsemen for company,sounds a hell of a lot better than a Friday afternoon on the M6. Mind you, those motorway services sausage rolls do have their appeal.

With all fuel, food, water and luggage carried by support trucks, you get that chance to explore the little visited high mountainous region of North West Mongolia where you can test your skills on gravel roads, sandy tracks and muddy terrain. Plus you’ll be navigating river crossings and riding over high, remote mountain passes. Approximate distance covered is 2170 km (1348 miles)

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