Headline Sponsors

Bridgestone is looking forward to its third year as headline sponsor of the ABR Festival. We will be coming back in 2021 with a bigger and better stand. We will be around all weekend for any questions you might have about tyres and tyre safety.

On display at the festival will be our full Adventure, Motocross and Enduro range including:

Adventure Tyres

Battlax Adventure A41

WET PERFORMANCE: Never be afraid of sudden rain or wet conditions. By adopting 3LC, for both front and rear, together with innovative pattern design and groove positioning, the A41 improves the grip level in tricky conditions.

HANDLING AND GRIP: Upgrading the contact patch and pressure distribution in the contact area the A41 provides ultimate handling and grip feel.

Battlax Adventurecross AX41

IRREGULAR WEAR TECHNOLOGY: The A-IW technology consists in reducing the heel and toe wear at the trailing edge of the block thanks to block deformation under braking forces constraints. This new block profile is countering the deformation and ensuring the durability of the tyre.

TRACTION AND GRIP PERFORMANCE: The AX41 adopts ingenious block design and positioning to ensure on- and off-road performance, durability and stability.

Battlax Adventurecross Scrambler AX41S

NICE LOOKING: The Battlax Adventurecross Scrambler AX41S is Bridgestone’s new concept. AX41S is making attitude, fashion, design and performance complementary.

WET AND DRY PERFORMANCE: AX41S adopts the latest technologies in terms of compounding, a directly derivate from Bridgestone’s Sport-Touring category, to ensure great road performances.

Motocross Tyres

Battlecross Sand X10

  • Developed with top riders in competition
  • Improved traction
  • Longer lasting grip
  • High sideslip control

Battlecross Soft X20

  • Outstanding acceleration and braking response
  • Pro circuit technology
  • Amazing cornering grip

Battlecross Medium X30

  • Wide-range performance
  • Extra grip
  • Unprecedented stability

Battlecross Hard X40

  • Hard and fast performance
  • Unbelievable response
  • Flexible performance

Enduro Tyres

Battlecross E50

  • Performance increase on all surfaces
  • Huge steps in cornering and traction grip
  • Easy to mount