Competitions at the Adventure Bike Rider Festival 2021

The Adventure Bike Rider Festival is all about getting you involved. Whether that's by trying out new bikes, riding exciting trails, meeting legends of the adventure biking world or discovering the best roads of the heart of England, there's going to be plenty for you to do. But there's more.

We're going to be hosting a number of competitions throughout the weekend where you'll be able to win some incredible prizes. In previous years, these events have proven to be incredibly popular for competitors and spectators alike, so here's what you can expect.

The REV'IT! Boot Wang

Test your mettle and compete to be the biggest wanger at the ABR Festival. The rules of the REV'IT! Boot Wang are simple, throw our motorcycle boot as far as you can. Whoever records the furthest throw will be crowned champion and win a pair of REV'IT! Pioneer H2O boots worth £299.99.

The Pioneer H2O boots won the prestigious 'Highly Recommended' badge of honour when we reviewed them in a group test of casual riding boots in issue 59 of Adventure Bike Rider magazine.

The Bridgestone Rodeo

Giddy up pardner, here's your chance to prove that you've got it in you to hang on to a bike no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. Think mechanical bull dressed up as a motorcycle, and you've got the Bridgestone Rodeo. The ride gets more difficult the longer you're on it and whoever can stay in the saddle for the longest time by the end of the festival will win a day's off-road training at the excellent Mick Extance Experience in Wales for two people.

The TomTom Rider Slow Bike Race

At the TomTom Rider Slow Bike Race your handling and composure under pressure will be put to the test as you vie to be the slowest rider at the Adventure Bike Rider Festival. Your goal will be to ride between two points as slowly as possible without putting your foot down. Competitors will take it in turns to take to the stage and the winner will be the rider who passes the finish line in the slowest time. To enter, just turn up at the slow bike course with your bike and wait your turn. Helmets must be worn and there's a no trials bike rule to make it fair on the bigger bikes.

The slowest rider will win a TomTom Rider 550 SatNav worth £399.99.

The sena pub quiz

After two action packed days of biking action, it'll be time to grab a few beers (or cokes) and put your grey matter to the test at the Sena Pub Quiz. 

Come along to the main marquee in the Adventure Village, join a team, and find out how knowledgable you really are about the world of adventure motorcycling.

And, as pub quiz prizes go, we've come up trumps. The winning team will take away four brand new Sena bluetooth headsets: You'll get 2 x Sena 50R Mesh 2.0 Intercoms (RRP £324 each) and 2 x Sena 50S Mesh 2.0 Intercoms (RRP £309 each). It's time to start brushing up on your adventure biking trivia!