On the ABR forum this week: What motorcycle trips are you planning for 2018?

Author: Naomi Dunbar

We seem to be hurtling toward the end of the year faster than I leave work to get sausage ‘n’ chips from the local chippy on a Friday evening. But, when the end is nigh, it proves a great time to reminisce with your mates and loved ones over a beer, and it’s the perfect opportunity to put your heads together and get planning exciting motorcycle trips for 2018.

As usual, the ABR Forum has been bubbling with chit chat over the past week, but it was a thread about the above that caught my attention. Needing some inspiration myself, I was eager to know what kind of fantastic trips you guys have in mind for 2018. The forum thread was created by ABR forum member SHarper who said:

“It must be getting to the point in the year where everyone starts thinking about next year’s adventures. So, does anyone have any definitive plans? I think another visit to the La Pobla HISS is called for after missing out this year, probably in a van with the Beta, but as far as my longer bike holiday goes – I’m not so sure where to go. Currently, Bulgaria, Portugal, a lap of the Baltic, a revisit to Norway (to explore more of the west) are in the mix. Also, the TAT needs doing and now, the TET too. Aaaargh, so many places, so little time…”

Here’s what fellow ABR Forum members had to say back to SHarper on the subject…

Bryn: “Like you; so many places in my mind, but so little time! I’m planning on heading to the Elephant Rally for the first time in January, then I want to get back over to the States at some point to explore more around Utah, and would also love to do the length of the Appalachians.”

Spike941: “I went east this year, north last and west the year before that. So it’s the south’s turn again for me. Southern France, the Pyrenees and a large chunk of the Iberian peninsula. Sorted.”

Tonibe63: “I’m always looking for something new, so maybe a trip out to Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. Possibly four or five weeks in total and maybe in two halves with the bike being left out there in between. All depends on lots of things such as family, work, money, health etc, but if you don’t dream…”

Pierre: “Seriously looking at a four to six-week coast to coast USA trip around the end of May.”

Sprintster: “I’m dropping my bike off with my friend tomorrow to fabricate a towbar for me. So, we’ll another step closer to the plan of heading to the Dolomites in July with a trailer, to have a bit of luxury while we’re camping and also carry our hiking gear to get up close and personal with the mountains.”

Tourider: “I’m thinking of a central European beer tour taking in breweries, gasthofs or visitor centres related to beer: Bitburg – Reichelshofen – Plzen – Wroclaw – Zywiec – Bratislava – Ceske Budejovice – Bamberg – Warstein.”

Brenhden: “I’m thinking of taking on the entire UK section of the TET next year. I need to keep it cheap after buying a bike this year and moving house.”

Waynecoluk: “There may be a change in work for me next year so things are up in the air at the mo. However, I did promise myself that next year, regardless of what happens, I will either go to the Pyrenees (as I’ve never been), or Austria and Slovenia. I’ve barely touched Austria in the past and Slovenia looks lovely so that would be good. As well as a few short two to three-day camping trips throughout the year in the UK.”

LL&T: “We are just in the first stage of planning a couple of weeks touring around Austria. We went a few months back and totally fell in love with the country, so we’re off there again as a base, as we plan to ride into Italy and spend a few nights around the lakes. Can’t wait!”

Walty79: “I’m currently planning a round the world trip for 12-18 months, I’ll be leaving in Feb/April. Will be my first tour too!”

Spasm: “I might pop down to South Africa in 2018, we’ll see.”

So, what are you plans for 2018 or like me, are you in need of some more inspiration? Let us know in the comments section below.