BMW K1600

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

Christmas and New Years Eve have come and gone for another year and (as we imagine will be the case with most of you) we’ve comsumed copious amounts of booze and food.

But while that has been going on the forum has been chugging along with its regular activity and now it’s time to look back at what’s been going on. So read on and see if you can help out any of our members with their gear and touring questions!

st2loon will be embarking on his first multi-day touring trip in July when he and the wife heads to Scotland for a week and needs a bit of advice on kit. “I need to buy wifie [a] waterproof textile suit, this suit is likely to be worn for this week touring Scotland, then live in the garage for a year or two until I can talk her into it again.” The question is, how cheap can he go without compromising quality? Head to the forum to help him out.

SteveW is posing the questions, what will your next bike be? “Mostly we’re happy with what we’ve got, but at the same time we’ve got a potential future bike at the back of our minds… what’s yours?” SteveW is thinking, “Keep the GS800 for mixed road trips and get a Goldwing or possibly a BMW 1600 for road use.” Join the conversation by clicking here.

Varadero is planning a ride down to the south of Italy in May on a tour that will last six weeks and is after some advice from fellow ABRs. “I’m looking for some advice on the best route avoiding Switzerland, through France, onto the med coast of Italy and some tips on accommodation.” Drop in on the forum to help the fella out.

Big Red is looking for a lightweight one man tent and wants to know if anyone has used a Mini Peak tent and nest from Backpacking Light and how they got on. Head to the forum to help him out.