Trail riding in Papua New Guinea

On the ABR forum last week…

Author: Rob Slade

The Adventure Bike Rider forum has been buzzing away over the past week and as ever, there’s a huge mix of topics being discussed. In the latest round-up there are questions on LED headlights, recommendations for travelling to South Africa and an awesome video of trail riding in Papua New Guinea. Read on to join in!

RavenstoneGSA was thinking of swapping the standard headlamp on his 2009 BMW GSA for an LED alternative but having heard that it’s not a great idea has changed his mind. He is now looking to add some additional lights to improve his night time view. He asks, “Has anyone out there fitted LED lights that can be used to supplement your standard headlight?” Drop in on the forum to offer your advice.

Redmurty is thinking of heading to South Africa and wants recommendations on what to see, what to do and what to avoid. His missus is into anything outdoors. Head to the forum to impart your wisdom.

Narf_44 has shared a video of him riding his Honda CRF450X on some single track and dirt roads through Papua New Guinea. The video was shot on a professional drone and has really resulted in some amazing footage. Check it out by heading to the forum.

ReaperX is looking for some advice on tyre choice. He’s recently bought a KTM 990 Adventure and now needs to “fit some good rubber to hit the trails and of course, on the road”. He wants to know what you have on your bike and how you get on with them. Join the conversation by heading to the forum.

Rem47 has just moved to Ulaanbaatar and while he hasn’t seen a single motorcycle yet, (though he says it is -20 to -30 degrees at the moment) he hopes to get out trail riding in the summer. “Any of you folk planning to adventure through these parts this year are more than welcome to look me up for a place to stay.” Drop by the forum to take him up on his offer or just quiz him about Mongolia!