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Author: George (irishtiger)

Headed from Lough Corrib out to county Galway.  Passing through the village of Cong in county Mayo, better known for the film ‘The Quiet Man’ starring John Wayne. Was going to stop here and have a look but you could not even get parked. Buses of tourists filling the place so Galway county here I come.

Out the R345 to Maam Cross and onto the R336 to Leenane. This is Joyce’s Country.

Follow the N59 through Connemara and try to keep your eyes on the road, this is a beautiful corner of Ireland  with mountains , lakes and grand views across the country sure to distract you. With the Twelve Pins ( Twelve Bens) on your left I head on to Clifden and up to the Cregg Mast.

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Parking the bike at the top and getting a few photos its time for a brew and a sandwich, Just has I’m poring the tea a 4×4 pulls up. A quick hello and then I  find they can’t speak English., so I smile and that done the trick, they left. What a place for lunch , a bit of sun and a view across Galway to the coast.

Packing up that was the last of the Photos for the rally today. It was back down the road and stopped to see the turf  being cut and laid out to dry.

Following the N59 back to Leenane and on into County Mayo where I followed it into Westport across the open flat bogs with a backdrop for mountains in the distance.


And on round to Bangor Erris, turning left and  taking the road out to Belmullet. It was on this road I found out how lethal dried turf lying on the road can be. A bike coming the other way hit a piece at high speed, sending him into a speed wobble . He must have had a touch of the Irish luck that day, just missing a lorry and getting it stopped the right way up.  I pulled over to see if he was OK and his face was the colour of death. When he stopped shaking and was able to speak while drawing on a ciggie, he warned me about turf lying on  my side of the road for the next few miles. Left him and got into Belmullet, into a store and got a mars bar, sitting in the main street was two tractors with large trailers, double wheels sticking out across the white line full of turf. Heading back to Bangor  I followed the N59 towards county Sligo. I pulled over and parked at a lay by and sat down by the Owenmore river for a brew and my mars bar.

Back out the N59 into county Sligo and turned north, cutting over to Easky castle and a short break to ease my stiff knees.

Down into Sligo town and onto the N16. This is a road I rate highly for  motorcycling, its got a great surface and  class bends with some nice scenery has well. Got to Enniskillen and filled up with fuel. Phone the wife and let her know I’m still alive and should be home in a hour or two. it’s a boring run home from here has I take to the main roads and motorways. Pulled into the drive and park the bike in the garage . One last Photo before I close the door on this great day out.

Total mileage for the day. The map below is roughly the route I followed starting in Ballynahinch(far right on map) and traveled in a clockwise direction.

If you made it this far thanks for reading.


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