A lifeline for adventure bike riders

Author: Bryn Davies

As satellite communications become cheaper and more robust, Globalstar SPOT products are experiencing substantial growth in Europe. These satellite products allow bikers in remote areas with no mobile phone signal make calls, track their bike in case of theft, allow friends and family to track journeys and provide one-button access to emergency services.

Last year Globalstar’s SPOT products were used to initiate 27 rescues in Europe, many life-saving, and over 600 rescues globally, an average of one a day. Rescues have included a mountain rescue in Greenland, support for adventure racers in Western Sahara, to medical emergencies in Afghanistan.

The 3,000th SPOT rescue occurred last year in Colorado. Two avid dirt bikers were outside of mobile phone reception when an accident occurred. One of the riders, Kevin, activated the SOS button on his SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. The GEOS IERCC was alerted and coordinated the rescue with local law enforcement. “SPOT worked really well. Without it, getting out would have been more difficult and time consuming and who knows what could have happened in that time. There were a lot of different variables involved,” said Kevin.

Over the past seven years, bikers have come to depend on SPOT’s life-saving capabilities. SPOT products offer bikers peace of mind, by allowing them to track their expensive bikes, use location-based messaging and emergency notification technology and to make calls when beyond the reach of mobile signals.

SPOT continues to innovate with products and services that deliver peace of mind, reliable connectivity and accurate GPS tracking, such as:


  • SPOT Gen3, rugged and affordable device providing off-the-grid messaging, emergency alerts, extended battery life, and extreme GPS tracking at 2 ½ minute intervals. SPOT Gen3 has an RRP of €179.
  • SPOT Trace™, GPS tracking device using 100% satellite technology to track anything, anytime, anywhere. Never lose sight of your car, boat, motorcycle, quad bike or other valuable gear – perfect for anyone who has something worth protecting. SPOT Trace retails at an RRP of €125.
  • The SPOT App, convenient web-based interface allowing users to easily view their SPOT messages, show their track points and monitor their assets via smartphone or tablet.


The ability to send SOS notifications to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) and emergency dispatch services are included in the SPOT Basic Service plan. Additionally, SPOT offers the GEOS Member Rescue Benefit, for as low as €15 a year, which covers additional expenses associated with search and rescue efforts. The IERCC is staffed 24/7 with dedicated and highly trained operatives who have access to emergency responders worldwide, to ensure timely and efficient response to each emergency situation.

SPOT is an absolute must for anyone on a bike. For more information on SPOT Gen3, a list of dealers and retailers carrying SPOT products, visit FindMeSPOT.eu.