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Author: Jason Ziel

Living in the cultural Shakespearian Mecca that is Stratford-upon-Avon close to the home of the Bulldog Bash you would think that the whole town should open up to welcome the bikers and take advantage of the biker pound. However, it’s increasingly obvious that if you’re on two wheels then generally you’re not that welcome, in fact, you’re a bit of an aggravation. ‘Sorry, no bikers’ is always displayed outside one of the town centre pubs over that weekend, they must be so busy they don’t need any more business!

I mention this after returning from our euro-trip and feeling welcome at every hotel, bar and restaurant we visited. In comparison to what you get here in the UK for the same prices the quality and service was embarrassing. Places still exist that remember that you are the ‘guest’ not just a customer. We know that bikers are treated differently in Europe. It’s not just a courteous move to the right from the vehicles in front to let you pass, it’s an attitude that extends to a general interest in where you’ve come from, exchanges of bike stories with old boys and offers of locking bikes in garages and court yards for security.

I’m sure that there are many places in the UK that offer such hospitality but to have it everyday in every place takes some beating.

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