Author: ABR Staff

8 signs that you are a true adventure bike rider

Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

We often see debates raging on about people’s adventure riding crudentials across the web, so we thought we’d clear this up once and for all. Below you will find eight signs that you are a true adventure bike rider…

1. There is no middle ground. You either sacrifice small children in the name of the almighty GS or you’d rather a red hot poker up your jacksie than swing a leg over a BMW

BMW GS range

2. You don a matching two piece Safari Suit for weddings and everything in between

Matching motorcycle textiles

3. You instinctively know panniers are for stickers, not stuff.

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4. You sleep under a tarp… in your hotel suite

Camping in a hotel

5. Support crews, fellow riders, pillions, pah! You’re a lone wolf who’ll only attend rallies if you know there’ll be no one else there.

Motorcycle support vehicles

6. You spend 99% of your time off-road (between the hours of 11pm and 7am)

Off-road motorcycling on your mind

7. You live by the rule that travel is for wimps and adventure is all about the size of your luggage

Motorcycle luggage
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8. You know the score. No real adventure rider takes on the Starbucks highway with anything less than a 1000cc machine