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Honda XL1000V Varadero

Go Get One :-)

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Milechomper Reviewed by Milechomper
January 31, 2012

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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful

Took one out for a test ride with my missus on the back when they first came out. I ragged the backside off it with her on the back.I loved it she said it was "Boooring", so I never bought one :-(
Now she's gone, I finally own one. In "Real" life I'm a full time bike instructor and use the big old beast as my "Work" bike. It's wonderful. The ride position is ace in traffic,The engine is good, a little more vibey than I expected but works well. Been out with the boys in the twisties and wow, well impressed I found myself giving my mate Dave on his R6 a real hard time and no matter how he tried he couldn't shake me until we hit a long straight and then it was by by by.....
I have had her loaded up with 3 Givi's and tank bag and done 230 miles before the light came on.
It's a good work bike.
It's a good tourer,
It's even a good "Scratcher".
In the 4 months I have owned her I've done 6500 miles.
Mines a 2003 (52 plate), Carb's, 5 speed with now 34k, runs like a dream.......Go and get one. Piss off all the GS boy's with a bike thats half the price and WILL do anything a GS will.

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Time owned 4 yes 4 months
I liked almost everything
I Disliked the seat, not as comfy as it looks
Would you buy again Yes
In one line SPLENDID KIT
Grin Factor (0=crap 10=I loved it) 10

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