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Empty Nest Recce
User rating
Reviewed by gbags
"Pretty easy. Western Europe is safe and it was summer. I had to make it entry level as it was my ..."
User rating
Reviewed by Ahasuerus
"I have a gsf 1200 bandit and a bt 1100 bulldog. Both are naked bikes and I have fitted mra vario ..."
Rukka Victor Jacket
User rating
Reviewed by DanP
"Buy Rukka, you get what you pay for."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by cakeboy
" a great do it all bike. very comfortable for rider and pillion. lovely smooth engine with no vib..."
Was someone thinking of me when they built this?
User rating
Reviewed by
"I have now done15 k miles on the DCT and still marvel at the bike. The engine is fab, especially..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by Discoed
"After many years of not spending very much at all on jackets on brands like Spada and latterly RS..."
Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord
User rating
Reviewed by George
"Bought this bike new in 2005 (is a 2003 model but sat in showroom ??) Ok so I have done very few..."
Lads Spanish Adventure
User rating
Reviewed by boboneleg
"Absolutely cracking, that's the sort of trip I never quite made in the 80's. Making up for it now :)"
Steve & Mandys Route 66 motorcycle ride.
User rating
Reviewed by stevie
"Next trip for me is bike week. Florida. March 2015"
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by tzr_andy
"After riding for 30 years in a variety of clothing, I decided I needed a Gore-tex riding suit aft..."
Alpinstarts Tech 3 Motocross boots
User rating
Reviewed by Cleland
"These boots are not comfortable at all, perhaps Ok for a Moto Cross run but if you are planning t..."
User rating
Reviewed by Steve1129
Outwell Dreamboat, silly name, great nights sleep
User rating
Reviewed by Throttled
"Its a silly name, but who cares when there is a means to a great nights sleep. Its success is dow..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by tonka
"An excellent suit in every way once you accept the price But lifetime warranty and goretex pro o..."
Lads Spanish Adventure
User rating
Reviewed by drhypno
"an excellant time and a real adventure "
User rating
Reviewed by holborn
"I would like to add my thoughts to the previous review of this budget tent - High Gear's proton 3..."
Vango Venom 200 square
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"Great little down sleeping bag, packs down to only 18 x 16cm (really!), and has a square end for ..."
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"I'd buy this lid again in a heartbeat, although I could be tempted by the better looking big brot..."
BMW F 650 GS Dakar
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"Okay, mine is a bit pimped out with taller screen (I'm 6'2"), engine bars, bigger tougher sump gu..."
Winton Massif - Outer Limits Tour
User rating
Reviewed by yodagoat
"http:// yodagoat.blogspot winton-massif- outer-limits-tour.html"
Alpinstarts Tech 3 Motocross boots
User rating
Reviewed by Discoed
"Great boots but don't bank on keeping dry feet. These are the boots I most often reach for despit..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by Mark
"The longer I wear/use the Badlands Pro the more I am in love with it! I have tried a number of le..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by KTM Junkie
"Pricey, but does what it claims to, is comfy from day one and keeps me bone dry! Very rarely need..."
Lois On The Loose
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"Fun fantastic read, recommend it, also try her 2nd book Red Tape"
Old Man On a Bike
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"Well written, but just not my cup of tea, too indepth about politics/country history rather than ..."
the long ride home
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"A great book, well written, you feel like you are on the jouney with him, what an experience, wel..."
Honda XRV750 Africa Twin
User rating
Reviewed by Jay fitzgerald
"I can't see myself ever selling this bike - 3500km on and off-road through Morocco without any is..."
BMW F 800 GS
User rating
Reviewed by Barcs1
"Great bike, good fuel economy, comfortable and when fully loaded , hardly notice any change in ha..."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by londonwelsh
"Coming from a TDM900 [x2]I was looking for something with a little more Adventure capability. Wa..."
Cape to Dar
User rating
Reviewed by gbags
"Great pictures Rashaad and a good positive account. Did you start in RSA because you live there o..."
Kawasaki KLE 500
User rating
Reviewed by Matt
"Hi, I recently took my KLE to the Sahara desert from the UK, It performed admirably the whole tr..."
military issue gore-tex over trousers
User rating
Reviewed by stickysidedown
"The camo gore waterproofs have been updated now the new MTP camo pattern is being rolled out, unl..."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by kiejoe65
"wanted one of these since they first came on the market, the price for new was the issue, i had t..."
User rating
Reviewed by Zintxo
"Will be going back on a bike that can get up the mountain to get my Blue Peter Badge and to meet ..."
Ride around Western Europe
User rating
Reviewed by Zintxo
"Brilliant ride with my mate and so much to see whilst meeting great people."
Airdrieonians do Morrocco
User rating
Reviewed by 8848
"John, Fantastic read about your trip to Morrocco, it sound like you had a good trip with the boy..."
Aprilia Pegaso Strada
User rating
Reviewed by Chidgey
"Good points handles well , feels like a super motard you sit over the front, great under seat s..."
Aprilia Pegaso Strada
User rating
Reviewed by Paul Chidgey
"The Aprilia Pegaso 650 ( really a 660) uses the Yamaha 660 engine, used in a few of their models...."
2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer ABS
User rating
Reviewed by ExplorerRob
"no problems 20k miles powder coating and any black paint very thin powder coating on rear diff co..."
W2 Adventure boots
User rating
Reviewed by RK
"Bouhght those now 4,5 months ago and have used problably more than the average rider (1-2 times a..."
Aprilia Pegaso Strada
User rating
Reviewed by Dan P
"I bought my 08 Pegaso second hand with 7k on the clock. It was my first bike after my 125. I pa..."
ABR Pic of the Week winner announced
Written by Bryn   

Blimey! It's that time of the week again when we pick one lucky winner for our Pic of the Week competition. Thank you to all ABRs who sent in their shots for consideration and (I know we may say this most weeks) we've been sent in some awesome shots and its been more difficult than ever to choose this week's winner.

After painstaking deliberation and a few disagreements in the office we can announce that this week's Pic of the Week winner is...Andrew Davies with this shot of his Yamaha XT660Z Tenere almost buried in snow. A bit of a contrast to the high temperatures we're currently experiencing!

ABR Pic of the Week

Congratulations to Andrew, the proud new owner of an ABR beanie (you'll need it in that snow!) and two ABR stickers!

We had such a hard time choosing the winner this week, so if you'd like to see the competition Andrew was up against click 'Read more'.

Adventure Travel Film Festival takes place this weekend
Written by Bryn   


  • Adventure Travel Film Festival takes place this weekend (16-18th August)
  • Hosted by Austin Vince and Lois Pryce
  • Learn useful skills for making your own travel documentary


This year's Adventure Travel Film Festival is only a few days away and it's looking like the weekend of August 16-18th is going to be an inspiring one.

The Adventure Travel Film Festival, which is being held this weekend (16-18th August) in Sherborne, Dorset, will be hosted by legendary ABRs Austin Vince and Lois Pryce and if you want to see some incredible footage, listen to inspiring stories or have a good laugh, we reckon it's the place to be.

Adventure Travel Film Festival

ABR Weekend Weather
Written by Bryn   

The weather over the last few weeks has been pretty typical of a British summer and it hasn't quite decided if it's going to be rainy or sunny. On the plus side though temperatures have remained pretty high and it's still definitely warm enough to be riding without your thermals!

But what's the weather going to be doing this weekend? Click 'Read more' to find out!


ABR Pic of the Week winner announced
Written by Bryn   

It's that time of the week again folks! As always, we've been sent in some fantastic photos from members of for our Pic of the Week competition. Unfortunately, there can be but one winner and so we've been through the painstaking task of picking the best of the bunch and this week we can proudly announce that the winner is...Roy Nicol!

Roy took this beautiful shot when he was touring in Morocco recently and if this doesn't get your adventure taste buds tingling we're not sure what will.

ABR pic of the week

Congratulations to Roy, the proud new owner of an ABR beanie and two ABR stickers!

There were some fantastic pictures emailed in this week, so click 'Read more' to see this week's runners up.

Suzuki release third V-Strom 1000 design video
Written by Bryn   
  • Video interview with chassis layout designer of new V-Strom 1000 released
  • Explores the designs and concepts behind the new adventure tourer

Suzuki has released the third instalment in a series of teaser videos leading up to the launch of the new V-Strom 1000.

Posted on the official Suzuki V-Strom 1000 website this morning, the newest clip, titled 'Building my dream bike', introduces us to Teppei Eguchi, the chassis layout designer for the V-Strom 1000.

V-Strom 1000 design


Tuesday's travel tip: Sleeping mats
Written by Bryn   

A wise man once told me that sleep is one of the most important things our body needs in order to function properly. Without it we're boring caffeine-fuelled zombies who are incapable of doing much at all, but with it we're happy, alert, and most importantly, ready to ride.

According to the National Institute of Health, the required amount of sleep for the average adult is eight hours. That means (if you're average) you're spending toughly 33 percent of your adventures tucked up in a sleeping bag catching some Z's.

Given this information, it seems all the more likely that you'll want to make your sleeping area as warm and as comfortable as possible.

Sleeping mats

Acerbis launch new LED handguards
Written by Bryn   


  • Acerbis launch new handguards with built-in LEDs
  • The handguards will help make you more visible in bad conditions
  • Fits most motorcycle models


Acerbis, a motorcycle accessory manufacturer from Italy, has launched a new handguard with built in LEDs.

The LED Vision Handguard, which will retail at £99.99, makes use of two adjustable lights which will help make riders more visible to other road users.


And the winner is.....New Oxford Luggage Set
Written by AE   

Thank you to all those who entered our recent ABR online competition, to win a brilliant set of new, Oxford Aqua waterproof luggage.  We offered one lucky winner the chance to win a prize package which includes an Aqua 30 roll bag, an Aqua 50 roll bag, an Aqua 25 Rucksack and an Aqua 3 waist pack! The new Aqua range is a convenient, lightweight luggage option using water resistant zips and a roll top opening, ensuring maximum protection in all weather.

Aqua 25 rucksack by Oxford

ABR Weekend Weather
Written by Bryn   

With the exception of the crazy warm day we had yesterday, this weekend has seen a return to what we would consider a typical British summer, we've had rain, we've had a lot of cloud cover and if its been warm, its been the muggy, suffocating heat that's crying out for a thunderstorm to clear the air.

Will things get more favourable over the weekend though?


Advertising Feature: Tips for biking in Europe
Written by Amber Howard   

Preparing for a motorcycle tour or holiday can be quite difficult; unlike a trip in the car, you can’t stock up and fill the boot with everything you may need for your trip. Motorcycling is almost like backpacking; you need to do your research and you can only bring as much as you can carry, and only the essentials.

However, how do you decide what is essential from what is just ‘useful’? A good place to start is to check the laws and regulations of your chosen destination(s). There are certain things which you must know, remember and carry to meet the requirements of certain countries.

Ventura Bike-Pack range now available for 2013 R1200GS and 1190 Advenure
Written by Bryn   

Ventura has announced the addition of two new pieces of luggage to their 'Bike-Pack' range.

The New Zealand based luggage manufacturer today revealed that they've adapted their Bike-Pack luggage system to fit the 2013 models of the BMW R1200GS and KTM 1190 Adventure.

Bike Pack luggage


On test: Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot
Written by Paul Jennison   

Adventure Bike Rider gear editor Paul Jennison takes a look at Therm-a-Rest's LuxuryLite Ultralite Cot, a travel cot which is light enough, and packs down small enough,to pack in your panniers and take on your adventures.

Click 'Read more' to find out what he thinks of it.


WIN! New Metzeler Tourance Next Tyres!
Written by AE   

Its competition time, ABRs and do we have a great prize for you. One lucky ABR online competition winner will win a brand new set of Metzeler Tourance Next tyres!

The Tourance Next is a new product launched in 2013 for the Next Generation of Adventure Bike riders. Designed primarily with road use in mind with some light off road capability, the Tourance Next is available for a wide variety of big adventure bikes such the original BMW R1100GS, Triumph Explorer, Yamaha Super Tenere and is fitted as original equipment on the new R1200GS. A new tread pattern design combined with a dual compound gives extended mileage and top performance on both wet and dry road and excellent rider feedback.


Metzeler tourance next tyres


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