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Latest Photos


Rukka Aqua Air Rain Suit
User rating
Reviewed by stromtrooper
"This is as much use as a chocolate teapot avoid at all costs, the only thing worse is Motolegends..."
santander to gibralter
User rating
Reviewed by alberthall
"would do it again "
Mega Comfort for fat folk!!
User rating
Reviewed by SteveR
"If you can handle the cost and size, this mat is one of the best on the market."
Honda Transalp XL650V
User rating
Reviewed by joeymc
"The Transalp 650 is a fantastic budget/beginner adventure bike, as I recently passed my motorbike..."
Honda XRV750 Africa Twin
User rating
Reviewed by Paul_XRV750
"I bought my RD07a Africa Twin in July 2014 after my XT660Z fried its ECU and sensors in Poland re..."
BMW R 1200 RT
User rating
Reviewed by Brost
"So this is only my third bike but it's certainly a huge upgrade from my VTX for the long trips th..."
Empty Nest Recce
User rating
Reviewed by gbags
"Pretty easy. Western Europe is safe and it was summer. I had to make it entry level as it was my ..."
User rating
Reviewed by Ahasuerus
"I have a gsf 1200 bandit and a bt 1100 bulldog. Both are naked bikes and I have fitted mra vario ..."
Rukka Victor Jacket
User rating
Reviewed by DanP
"Buy Rukka, you get what you pay for."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by cakeboy
" a great do it all bike. very comfortable for rider and pillion. lovely smooth engine with no vib..."
Was someone thinking of me when they built this?
User rating
Reviewed by
"I have now done15 k miles on the DCT and still marvel at the bike. The engine is fab, especially..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by Discoed
"After many years of not spending very much at all on jackets on brands like Spada and latterly RS..."
Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord
User rating
Reviewed by George
"Bought this bike new in 2005 (is a 2003 model but sat in showroom ??) Ok so I have done very few..."
Lads Spanish Adventure
User rating
Reviewed by boboneleg
"Absolutely cracking, that's the sort of trip I never quite made in the 80's. Making up for it now :)"
Steve & Mandys Route 66 motorcycle ride.
User rating
Reviewed by stevie
"Next trip for me is bike week. Florida. March 2015"
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by tzr_andy
"After riding for 30 years in a variety of clothing, I decided I needed a Gore-tex riding suit aft..."
Alpinstarts Tech 3 Motocross boots
User rating
Reviewed by Cleland
"These boots are not comfortable at all, perhaps Ok for a Moto Cross run but if you are planning t..."
User rating
Reviewed by Steve1129
Outwell Dreamboat, silly name, great nights sleep
User rating
Reviewed by Throttled
"Its a silly name, but who cares when there is a means to a great nights sleep. Its success is dow..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by tonka
"An excellent suit in every way once you accept the price But lifetime warranty and goretex pro o..."
Lads Spanish Adventure
User rating
Reviewed by drhypno
"an excellant time and a real adventure "
User rating
Reviewed by holborn
"I would like to add my thoughts to the previous review of this budget tent - High Gear's proton 3..."
Vango Venom 200 square
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"Great little down sleeping bag, packs down to only 18 x 16cm (really!), and has a square end for ..."
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"I'd buy this lid again in a heartbeat, although I could be tempted by the better looking big brot..."
BMW F 650 GS Dakar
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"Okay, mine is a bit pimped out with taller screen (I'm 6'2"), engine bars, bigger tougher sump gu..."
Winton Massif - Outer Limits Tour
User rating
Reviewed by yodagoat
"http:// yodagoat.blogspot winton-massif- outer-limits-tour.html"
Alpinstarts Tech 3 Motocross boots
User rating
Reviewed by Discoed
"Great boots but don't bank on keeping dry feet. These are the boots I most often reach for despit..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by Mark
"The longer I wear/use the Badlands Pro the more I am in love with it! I have tried a number of le..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by KTM Junkie
"Pricey, but does what it claims to, is comfy from day one and keeps me bone dry! Very rarely need..."
Lois On The Loose
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"Fun fantastic read, recommend it, also try her 2nd book Red Tape"
Old Man On a Bike
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"Well written, but just not my cup of tea, too indepth about politics/country history rather than ..."
the long ride home
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"A great book, well written, you feel like you are on the jouney with him, what an experience, wel..."
Honda XRV750 Africa Twin
User rating
Reviewed by Jay fitzgerald
"I can't see myself ever selling this bike - 3500km on and off-road through Morocco without any is..."
BMW F 800 GS
User rating
Reviewed by Barcs1
"Great bike, good fuel economy, comfortable and when fully loaded , hardly notice any change in ha..."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by londonwelsh
"Coming from a TDM900 [x2]I was looking for something with a little more Adventure capability. Wa..."
Cape to Dar
User rating
Reviewed by gbags
"Great pictures Rashaad and a good positive account. Did you start in RSA because you live there o..."
Kawasaki KLE 500
User rating
Reviewed by Matt
"Hi, I recently took my KLE to the Sahara desert from the UK, It performed admirably the whole tr..."
military issue gore-tex over trousers
User rating
Reviewed by stickysidedown
"The camo gore waterproofs have been updated now the new MTP camo pattern is being rolled out, unl..."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by kiejoe65
"wanted one of these since they first came on the market, the price for new was the issue, i had t..."
User rating
Reviewed by Zintxo
"Will be going back on a bike that can get up the mountain to get my Blue Peter Badge and to meet ..."
Ride around Western Europe
User rating
Reviewed by Zintxo
"Brilliant ride with my mate and so much to see whilst meeting great people."
New Royal Enfield Himalayan spied
Written by Rob Slade   

Spy shots of what looks like a new, production-ready Royal Enfield Himalayan have hit the World Wide Web revealing a very intriguing, rugged looking bike.

The news will be music to the ears of those of you who are fed up with the heavy, high-tech adventure bikes that have flooded the market in recent years. In contrast to those machines, the new Royal Enfield looks as rough and ready as you could want. For more information and photos be sure to click the 'Read More' button below.

10 tips for filming your first motorcycle adventure
Written by Austin Vince   

Any fool can strap a GoPro to their crash helmet, but an hour of wobbly footage with bad sound does not make a documentary! The billions of hours of unbearable bike-mounted footage on YouTube proves that.

Making an engaging film of your adventure is a totally different thing. It's not difficult, but you can’t wing it. Austin Vince, motorcycle adventure filmmaker and curator of the Adventure Travel Film Festival provides some pointers on how to film your next journey.

The ABR guide to the highest passes in Wales
Written by Alun Davies   

In issue 29 of Adventure Bike Rider magazine we teamed up with SatNav company TomTom in an effort to detail the three highest motorable passes in each of the five countries of the British Isles. After careful research a route was plotted and we realised that we'd created probably the best motorcycle tour of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Wales.

To give you a little teaser, we've decided to share with you the three highest passes in Wales, each one offering fantastic riding and stunning views over the surrounding countryside. So, click 'Read More' to discover Wales' three highest, and most rewarding, passes, and we've thrown in the highest green lane for good measure.

Ask the experts: Leather jackets
Written by Martin Brown   

While textile suits have dominated the adventure bike scene over the last few years, there's no reason why a leather jacket shouldn't have a place in your wardrobe. They may not be ideal for a RTW trip, but if you're just going off for a weekend ride, or doing a bit of summer touring in Europe, there's no reason you shouldn't consider a leather jacket.

With that in mind, we sat down with Martin Brown, director at motorcycle clothing and accessories store, Bike Stop, to find out everything you need to know about leather jackets...

Video of the week: A father and son's 2,800-mile trip through the Himalayas
Written by Rob Slade   

We all long for a chance to head off on a two-wheeled adventure with nothing but the road ahead and new lands to explore. But to make it a truly unforgettable, rewarding experience, an adventure is best shared with someone else.

That's exactly what motocross racer Adam Riemann did in this week's video when he took his dad − inexperienced in the world of adventure motorcycling − on a 2,800-mile ride through the Himalayas. On a couple of 150cc motorbikes, the duo tackle countless treacherous roads while cutting through some truly breathtaking scenery.

Unlock your bike's potential with the Dynojet Power Commander
Written by Alun Davies   

In a world where bike manufacturers are having to limit the performance of a bike to meet strict EU emmissions regulations, the emergence of a power commander is great news for those wishing to unlock their bike's potential. We fitted the Dynojet Power Commander to the Yamaha 660 Ténéré in an effort to discover exactly what it delivers.

How to deal with deadly insects while on the road
Written by Dr Mike Leahy   

When riding anywhere in the world it's worth paying attention to what could be hiding in your boots, TV's Dr Mike Leahy tells us how to avoid getting bitten.

Working for the BBC and the National Geographic channels took me to many fascinating places and gave me the chance to hire, beg or borrow available bikes to go exploring. I thought that making shows like Bite Me would give me the opportunity to educate the public about the real health issues posed in developing countries.

But sadly the stories covered by the media, even in ‘educational’ documentaries give us a skewed view of the risks posed to us when travelling to remote locations. Without a potential change in attitude we could be putting ourselves at risk on a two wheeled adventure.

7 reasons you need to buy ABR issue 29
Written by Rob Slade   

Issue 29 (Jul/Aug) of ABR is out now and if we do say so ourselves, it’s the best looking one yet. As usual it’s crammed full of the latest gear testing, bike reviews and adventure inspiring tales from around the world. To whet your appetite, here are seven reasons you should head to the website/shops to buy it.

Jurassic World Triumph Scrambler goes under the hammer
Written by Rob Slade   

One of three Triumph Scramblers ridden by Chris Pratt in the new Jurassic World film is going under the hammer on eBay.

The bespoke bike will go to the highest bidder and the proceeds are going to Triumph’s nominated fundraising partner, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

On the ABR forum last week...
Written by Rob Slade   

There's been some great activity on the forum over the last week with some really intriguing points being raised. If you could invent anything for biking, what would it be? Another user brings up the debate about whether or not cyclists should pass a test before being allowed on the roads. As ever there are also users who are after much needed advice on things like insurance and keeping your bike safe while camping. Read on for more.

Honda's new Africa Twin in pictures
Written by Rob Slade   

Earlier today Honda revealed the all-new CRF1000L Africa Twin complete with full specs and photos. You can read all about the much anticipated machine by visiting our earlier article here.

But for those of you who know aren't satisfied with just a few photos, we've decided to compile a selection of the best photos that Honda has released.

Photography masterclass: How to shoot in poor lighting conditions
Written by Simon Thomas   

Finding the gold under a sky of grey can be a difficult task, Simon Thomas from 2 Ride the World explains how to get the most from your camera in overcast conditions.

So, your camera's stuffed into your travel bag because you think that dull days produce dull photos? Think again! Believe it or not, grey is your friend. No matter how expensive the camera, it’s never going to be able to see or capture all the information your eyes can.

UPDATE: Full Africa Twin specs and images
Written by Rob Slade   

Honda has finally lifted the curtain on the new CRF1000L Africa Twin with full specs and high-res photos now in the public domain.

Available in Honda showrooms across Europe from late 2015, the new Africa Twin will be touting a 1000cc compact parallel twin engine with 70kW power, 98Nm torque and a claimed 93.8bhp.

There will be three options available; standard, the option of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) and also an ABS version.

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