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BMW R 1200 RT
User rating
Reviewed by Brost
"So this is only my third bike but it's certainly a huge upgrade from my VTX for the long trips th..."
Empty Nest Recce
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Reviewed by gbags
"Pretty easy. Western Europe is safe and it was summer. I had to make it entry level as it was my ..."
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Reviewed by Ahasuerus
"I have a gsf 1200 bandit and a bt 1100 bulldog. Both are naked bikes and I have fitted mra vario ..."
Rukka Victor Jacket
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Reviewed by DanP
"Buy Rukka, you get what you pay for."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by cakeboy
" a great do it all bike. very comfortable for rider and pillion. lovely smooth engine with no vib..."
Was someone thinking of me when they built this?
User rating
Reviewed by
"I have now done15 k miles on the DCT and still marvel at the bike. The engine is fab, especially..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by Discoed
"After many years of not spending very much at all on jackets on brands like Spada and latterly RS..."
Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord
User rating
Reviewed by George
"Bought this bike new in 2005 (is a 2003 model but sat in showroom ??) Ok so I have done very few..."
Lads Spanish Adventure
User rating
Reviewed by boboneleg
"Absolutely cracking, that's the sort of trip I never quite made in the 80's. Making up for it now :)"
Steve & Mandys Route 66 motorcycle ride.
User rating
Reviewed by stevie
"Next trip for me is bike week. Florida. March 2015"
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by tzr_andy
"After riding for 30 years in a variety of clothing, I decided I needed a Gore-tex riding suit aft..."
Alpinstarts Tech 3 Motocross boots
User rating
Reviewed by Cleland
"These boots are not comfortable at all, perhaps Ok for a Moto Cross run but if you are planning t..."
User rating
Reviewed by Steve1129
Outwell Dreamboat, silly name, great nights sleep
User rating
Reviewed by Throttled
"Its a silly name, but who cares when there is a means to a great nights sleep. Its success is dow..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by tonka
"An excellent suit in every way once you accept the price But lifetime warranty and goretex pro o..."
Lads Spanish Adventure
User rating
Reviewed by drhypno
"an excellant time and a real adventure "
User rating
Reviewed by holborn
"I would like to add my thoughts to the previous review of this budget tent - High Gear's proton 3..."
Vango Venom 200 square
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"Great little down sleeping bag, packs down to only 18 x 16cm (really!), and has a square end for ..."
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"I'd buy this lid again in a heartbeat, although I could be tempted by the better looking big brot..."
BMW F 650 GS Dakar
User rating
Reviewed by DocClog
"Okay, mine is a bit pimped out with taller screen (I'm 6'2"), engine bars, bigger tougher sump gu..."
Winton Massif - Outer Limits Tour
User rating
Reviewed by yodagoat
"http:// yodagoat.blogspot winton-massif- outer-limits-tour.html"
Alpinstarts Tech 3 Motocross boots
User rating
Reviewed by Discoed
"Great boots but don't bank on keeping dry feet. These are the boots I most often reach for despit..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by Mark
"The longer I wear/use the Badlands Pro the more I am in love with it! I have tried a number of le..."
KLIM Badlands Pro
User rating
Reviewed by KTM Junkie
"Pricey, but does what it claims to, is comfy from day one and keeps me bone dry! Very rarely need..."
Lois On The Loose
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"Fun fantastic read, recommend it, also try her 2nd book Red Tape"
Old Man On a Bike
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"Well written, but just not my cup of tea, too indepth about politics/country history rather than ..."
the long ride home
User rating
Reviewed by GlosBoy45
"A great book, well written, you feel like you are on the jouney with him, what an experience, wel..."
Honda XRV750 Africa Twin
User rating
Reviewed by Jay fitzgerald
"I can't see myself ever selling this bike - 3500km on and off-road through Morocco without any is..."
BMW F 800 GS
User rating
Reviewed by Barcs1
"Great bike, good fuel economy, comfortable and when fully loaded , hardly notice any change in ha..."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by londonwelsh
"Coming from a TDM900 [x2]I was looking for something with a little more Adventure capability. Wa..."
Cape to Dar
User rating
Reviewed by gbags
"Great pictures Rashaad and a good positive account. Did you start in RSA because you live there o..."
Kawasaki KLE 500
User rating
Reviewed by Matt
"Hi, I recently took my KLE to the Sahara desert from the UK, It performed admirably the whole tr..."
military issue gore-tex over trousers
User rating
Reviewed by stickysidedown
"The camo gore waterproofs have been updated now the new MTP camo pattern is being rolled out, unl..."
Yamaha XT 1200Z Super Tenere
User rating
Reviewed by kiejoe65
"wanted one of these since they first came on the market, the price for new was the issue, i had t..."
User rating
Reviewed by Zintxo
"Will be going back on a bike that can get up the mountain to get my Blue Peter Badge and to meet ..."
Ride around Western Europe
User rating
Reviewed by Zintxo
"Brilliant ride with my mate and so much to see whilst meeting great people."
Airdrieonians do Morrocco
User rating
Reviewed by 8848
"John, Fantastic read about your trip to Morrocco, it sound like you had a good trip with the boy..."
Aprilia Pegaso Strada
User rating
Reviewed by Chidgey
"Good points handles well , feels like a super motard you sit over the front, great under seat s..."
Aprilia Pegaso Strada
User rating
Reviewed by Paul Chidgey
"The Aprilia Pegaso 650 ( really a 660) uses the Yamaha 660 engine, used in a few of their models...."
2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer ABS
User rating
Reviewed by ExplorerRob
"no problems 20k miles powder coating and any black paint very thin powder coating on rear diff co..."
W2 Adventure boots
User rating
Reviewed by RK
"Bouhght those now 4,5 months ago and have used problably more than the average rider (1-2 times a..."
Five of the strangest foods from around the world
Written by Bryn   


#5 – Bull Penis

Also known as bull pizzle, bull penis is a common dish in parts of Asia and Jamaica and is eaten by itself or in soups. In Jamaica bull penis' are called 'cow cods' and in China a bull's penis is considered to be a strong aphrodisiac and is said to have properties similar to Viagra. Personally, if I had to eat one of those things, I'd be struggling to find my libido for a few weeks after! Below is a picture of bull penis, gent's, don't get jealous.


Bull Pizzle

#4 – Fried brain sandwiches

Doesn't this dish sound like something you'd expect to order at a zombie drive through!? A fried brain sandwich is exactly what it says it is, slices of fried brain sandwiched between two slices of bread. It used to be a very popular dish in St. Louis, Missouri however only a few restaurants still serve it there. A heavily battered version of the fried brain sandwich is still a delicacy in Ohio River Valley though.


Fried Brain photographer Tim Schapker

#3 – Hákarl

Possibly one of the foulest ideas for a dish, Hákarl is the Icelandic word for shark and the meal involves eating rotting shark meat. Sounds delicious huh? The sharks are caught, cut up and then their meat is buried in a chamber and left to decompose naturally for a period of two to six months, so essentially you're eating rotten flesh. Apparently many tourists eat it with brennivin which is a strong alcoholic drink, I can see where they're coming from as I'd have to be hammered to even think about putting that near my mouth! Some say it tastes like strong cheese.


Hakarl photographer Chris 73

#2 – Fried Tarantulas

Now, I get a bit sensitive over this subject as I have a completely irrational fear of spiders, being in the same room as one makes me giddy and if I were to go anywhere near the town of Skuon in Cambodia, I would be in tears. Locals, and tourists, eat deep fried spiders here. They're usually coated in a mixture of MSG, sugar, salt and crushed garlic and they're fried until the spiders legs are stiff. Tastes have been describes as a cross between chicken and cod, yummy!


Fried spiders photographer

#1 – Balut

I love duck and I love eggs, but I don't know whether I could handle a semi developed duckling in an egg. Balut is an everyday snack in Southeast Asia and it consists of a fertilised duck embryo (still in the egg) that's been boiled alive. In most placed an ideal Balut will be 17 days old so that the chicks inside the eggs aren't old enough to have beaks, feathers and claws and the bones won't be fully developed, however, in Vietnam they like to wait until the duck has bones (roughly 19-21 days) that become tender when cooked.


Balut photographer Marshall Astor


Comments (9)

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Grew up eating brains on toast nowt wrong there. cheers Spud
Redmurty , June 29, 2011
bring some along to the Midland Rally, see who is the first willing victim!
Tyrant68 , June 30, 2011
In Norway they have a dish consisting of Reindeer stomach filled with their last meal (Reindeer moss) - its looks similar to haggis when served, but greener...also look up Lutefisk.
Scythian , July 03, 2011
If anyone ever takes the pi$$ out of haggis...............
Finestre , July 06, 2011
I quite like haggis...prefer it with roast veg though.
Scythian , July 06, 2011
You can't buy Brains any more BSE and all that, never hurt me though Honest cheers Spud smilies/tongue.gif
Redmurty , July 07, 2011
Norm De Plume
I was surprised that Surstromming didn't make it into the list, but I guess there's only enough room in the list for rotten fish and the Shark won. It's worth googling though for the QI episode where they covered it and the youtube videos of people trying to eat it.
Norm De Plume , July 28, 2011
Cow Cod Soup
Grey Beard
I lived and worked in Jamaica for a couple of years. Nothing wrong with Cow Cod Soup. You must never question what you find in the bottom of the soup mug!! Best eaten in low light conditions but quite tasty.

They sell Sulze in Germany, which is a cold meat Jelly with Brains I am told. Not big into that myself, as I worry about the disease risks after all the hype about CJD, etc.

Grey Beard
Grey Beard , October 28, 2011
balut is good,brain tastes better but very high on cholesterol
RIPERMANA , April 13, 2012

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