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Cam belt change? Audi dealership.
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TOPIC: Cam belt change? Audi dealership.

Re: Cam belt change? Audi dealership. 1 week, 3 days ago #573435

  • Nigel
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doing research on a Mazda MX5 earlier and apparently if the cam belt breaks and you are under 4,000 rpm no damage
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Re: Cam belt change? Audi dealership. 1 week, 2 days ago #573445

  • Peirre
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The Cambell on my TDi VW was done at 4yrs and only 30k miles by the dealer, the waterpump was also done but at an additional £100 atop the fixed price for the belt. Assuming you have the ability & the locking tools it's possible to change the belt yourself.
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Re: Cam belt change? Audi dealership. 1 week, 2 days ago #573462

  • The Spanish Biker
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Count yourself lucky Bren, I used our local Renault dealer for years until 2014 when I went up to Andorra after they put the via here in Spain up to 21% and went to a Renault there - the cam belt was ten years old and had about 180,000 kms on the clock ...

Mind you, as there was nothing I could do there and then I then went local 'back street' and got the whole job done for about €190 including the water pump. I kept the belt as a souvenir, it wouldn't hold a Christmas cracker together ...



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Re: Cam belt change? Audi dealership. 1 week, 2 days ago #573482

The old PSA XUD 1.9 diesel engine was supposed to have it's belt done at 72000 miles, the later 2.0 HDi was supposed to have the belt done at 100,000 miles. I believe that the older engine has a mechanical pump which gives an oscilatory load, 4 pulses per pump revolution. The later 2.0 Hdi engine has a common rail system where the fuel rail is held at a constant ( and very high) pressure and the injectors are triggered electronically. Same block, similar crank and belt layout, I believe the difference is the HDi pump gives a relatively constant load and therefore a longer belt life. I know the valves are an oscilatory load too, but remember that as one is opening an opposite one is closing, smoothing out the loading on the belt. If done at the specified milage they never fail. 5 years/40,000 miles is a very conservative maintainance routine. Yes belt and tensioners, certainly at 100k. very unlikely to be knackered at 40,000/5y.
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Re: Cam belt change? Audi dealership. 1 week, 2 days ago #573488

The HDI engine is designed to break rocker arms and not bend valves if the belt breaks.

Quite a lot of petrol engines are 'non interference' and don't cause valve damage if the belt breaks.

Tensioners are invariably plastic and deteriorate with age anyway.

Re: Cam belt change? Audi dealership. 1 week, 2 days ago #573530

[quote="Richard Simpson" post=573434]Tramp wrote:

Then there was the Italian habit of driving the power steering off the cam belt. Stop with the steering on full lock and the belt would be wrecked when you restarted. Never buy an Lancia.

What model would that be ?
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