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Jax Shack 'The Return'
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TOPIC: Jax Shack 'The Return'

Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 6 days, 1 hour ago #579202

Never new that. I have ViewRanger and always buy the areas I need. Thank you. Is it straight for drag and drop or a copy and paste jobbie?
This one

You've just woken up my 'I want to go and play bug'
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 6 days ago #579219

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As we sat in the cafe in increasingly warm bordering on hot weather contemplating our last leg down to Route 66, you know the things that go through your mind, like, how much fuel have I got left? are my tyre pressure right, is all the luggage still secure and how have you managed to find the only Bar/restaurant that stops serving food at what can only be described as LUNCH TIME
As we had already ordered the coffees it was decided that with not that many miles to go, that we would stop oggling at all the people in the restaurant across the road who were tucking into what looked like a banquet and head on south

As with most stops we tried to fill up the night before near the BnB so we could just head out in the morning, filling up in Lussac Les Chateaux made it a nice last leg running along the river to Route 66.

I turned off the last roundabout followed by the 2 690's thinking to myself Route 66 has got to be along here on the right,

perhaps its just past this old farm court yard building, nope it was the old building and a we rode into the courtyard all you could hear from Harry's Bar was very loud heavy metal music

Harry soon came out and introduced himself and he had already poured 3 ice cold beers, one of which would require some slight of hand as to how I was the one to end up with Gav's beer as he's T total, while hatching my fiendish plan to secure the cold beverage for myself, old 9 wines ( Andy ) had necked his and was half way through the spare beer, with a just a hint of a cheeky grin that shouted 'To slow sucker'

We sat and had a few more beers, and Harry related his story that he has inevitably told a million times before to passing bikers. The place looked great if you can get passed that ' Blue Oyster bar' thought that's popping into your head as you look around
The place looked tired in the daylight, but I can imagine in the height of summer with a full bar of bikers and locals with a band and BBQ it would be completely different, but as it was there was just the 3 of us and Harry, who turned out to be a top fella
Quote of the stay had to be, Us '' So Harry when did you open for the season'' Harry''In about 2 weeks time'' '' and the beer delivery is next Tuesday!
He could of just put us in the breakfast room for the 3 course evening meal that we had booked, but no we were in the empty dining room with all its memorabilia on the walls being waited on by Harry, who had like Mr Ben changed from his barman vest to chefs whites or blue in Harry's case.

After the meal, we all headed back to the bar surprisingly there was no que for a night cap, its always good when someone you've just met produces a demijohn of something sniffs it and declares ''yep I think it's OK'' as it turned out it wasn't that bad as rocket fuel goes some sort of Plumb Calverdos
The place was full of quirky bits and pieces where ever you looked.

Rooms were a bit of an odd layout, but then it's an old building. But it had ticked the box marked Biker friendly and secure parking, you know the sort of place that don't mind you oiling your chain in their garage and no that's not a euphemism

After breakfast and more shooting the breeze with Harry we said our goodbyes and headed out on the last and what I hoped would be the best leg as we were heading into the hill and unknown trails and then the Utopia that is Jax Shack
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 6 days ago #579221

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Agent Orange wrote:
Never new that. I have ViewRanger and always buy the areas I need. Thank you. Is it straight for drag and drop or a copy and paste jobbie?
This one

You've just woken up my 'I want to go and play bug'

The way I do it is, plan the route on your PC/Mac and then synchronize to your phone, once you have your route or track on the phone, go to My Maps with the overlay on you can see the tiles you need along the route, just highlight them and download, but make sure your wifi is on, there a lot of data.
This way you get a more detailed map of just the area you need
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 5 days, 23 hours ago #579222

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Great write up Stewie, loving it.

Nice to see you have meet your match
With the early bird gets the worm.
Or room/pint in your case.

Trip sounds amazing, keep it coming.
Trying to read it in your cockney
Twang accent, gives it a better feel.
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 5 days, 22 hours ago #579238

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Day 3 and the last leg down to Jax, it was only about 150 miles but as with day 1 we were trying to keep to GRs and tracks and make use of the hilly terrain we were now headed into

As we got to the first of many trails, we stopped to drop the tyre pressures, with the luggage on I was running 20/18 R/F.

Being a bit of a photo nut, I decided to head on up the trail to a spot where I could take pictures of 9 wines and Gav riding up the trail, now let me just explain how the track ran, bit of uphill on loose gravel/sand, as you approach a slight left hand bend at the top you have to duck under a felled tree and then finally a slight lip/jump on the left, not that tricky but would set the standard for the day
Here is 2 series of pictures of Gav and 9 Wines, can you spot which of the 2 had to much coffee
Rider 1, composed and ready ...

...and off up the trail in a controlled manner
Rider 2 ( He has his Masters IAM ya know )
Looks OK at the start..

...Oh wait a minute...

...he may still save it...

...if he just...

...or maybe just get airborne to realign the wheels...

...he's getting close...

...time to drop the camera and 'Run Forest Run'...

We all continued up the trail which was a good distance and challenging enough to make it fun, the next few trails were great the weather helped a lot, my shoulder on the other hand was not helping at all
The next few hours involved herding a stray cow or trying to! Lots of felled trees across the track a few steep drop off in more ways than one, and having so much fun hitting every possible jump in fast woodland sections only to find you've shot past the turning
Most of which is on the clips so I'll leave it for later.
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 5 days, 21 hours ago #579250

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Loving it

Keep it coming
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 5 days, 21 hours ago #579253

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Grinning as we rolled up for our first stop of leg 3, we stopped at Rochechouart which had free trade and movement of labor with a low tax area over 900 years ago
( ) worth a read if you like your history

As we headed south, we were just north of the Dordogne river on at track, when 3 MTBer's came up and asked if we were in OK in french, I pointed to the GB sticker on my top box, and in not even in bad school french said ''Anglies mate'' to which 2 of the MTBer's looked at the 3rd expectantly and he said '' hello lads are you lost'' miles from anywhere and the first bloke we meet is english

Meanwhile on the same track, Gav entered the drop the bike doing the wheel spin turn competition

With the weather getting hotter and my shoulder getting worse, a short stop (can't remember the name of the town) was called for, we hit lucky, great little restaurant, we just ordered hot topped baguette with fries/chips and a side salad and it was spot on, it's the little details that matter and they nailed them all
Andy couldn't wait so ate the last customers left over bread, in fact Andy ate a shed load of bread during the week

I always take a look around places that we stop and take a few pictures, and this was a lovely town

The best bit was inside the church it was about 10 degrees cool man

Time to saddle up and get the last part of leg 3 done, the trails became a tad more tricky but still enough time to take some more pic's

The chateau at Carlux while I was taking this picture, I could just feel the other 2 willing me to get back on the bike and get a move on as we were so close to the great food and cold drinks that awaited us at Jax Shack
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 5 days, 20 hours ago #579263

Damn theres some nice countryside there bud Im jelous of all three of you
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 5 days, 19 hours ago #579271

That's low pressures for a 990, the lowest I normally risk is 25F/25R, as the front takes too many hits.
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Re: Jax Shack 'The Return' 5 days, 17 hours ago #579291

Nice thread and lovely places. Dordogne and Perigord-Noir are just fantastic.

We head down that way, not too far from Sarlat, spoiled for little villages like that. There is an area around Plazac/Montignac/Rouffignac with some really nice trails and by roads which we love too. Yes we do take the K100s on gravel sometimes but its more for the places and interesting villages that we go for as we have friends who live down that way.

Limeuil where the Vezere and Dordogne rivers meet is a favourite.

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